A typical Bowlhuzz workday

7am: Sleep through alarm:


8am: Ignore Scotty’s wake up chants


9am: Just one more snooze…


10am: Shit, running late for work again.  Call taxi


10.30am: Arrive late.  Phew, nobody noticed! (probably because Bowlhuzz’ productivity is rarely missed)


10.45am: Brunch break


11am: Cigarette break


11.30am: Early Lunch break



2pm: Tell the boss you are doing complicated coding


What Bowlhuzz actually does:


4pm: Leave work early “to get some important work done”



4.30pm: Tell Archie about complicated bowl theory from the previous nights bowl


6pm: Make tea


6.30pm: Win HHH cookie flip by rigging deck


8pm: Play local bowl


8.05pm: Bust out of bowl

8.10pm: Play roulette long enough to cover up first level bust out from Archie and Scotty



11.30pm: Troll NPF until bedtime

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