In which it happens again….

This isn’t the post…

I wanted to make today. I wanted to tell you all about an absolutely world class bit of trolling by the other two boys in HHH which made me think I was going insane. Another time, maybe. There are more important things happening today.

If you recall the post I made yesterday, I said that I had some professional concerns which caused me to rethink my involvement in the staking market this summer and longer term.

It turns out that those concerns were, as they so often are, well founded because today I was given notice by my employer that my role was at risk of redundancy. Since I’ve worked for the company for less than two years, the law says that I’m not entitled to much, in the (highly likely!) event that I’m made redundant at the end of a legally enforced ‘consultation period’. I’ve been in this position before, facing (but not taking) redundancy on two occasions when I worked in a call centre and subsequently I guess many of you know the story of how I came to leave in 2011.

It’s appropriate to remain relatively taciturn whilst the consultation period is ongoing, but I should say I think the two people handling the process have done an excellent job so far — having been on both sides of the table I know it’s not an easy conversation to have.

What now….?

I really don’t know. I guess I’ll look for another job and I’d like to stay in Newcastle for now, *not least* because it would be unfair of me to leave the boys in the shit with the house etc, at least whilst I have the possibility to stay here.

I’ve updated my CV today and spoken to a few people in my (lol word incoming…) ‘network’ about possible opportunities and I’ll keep doing that over the next week or so whilst I decide what to do — I need to act relatively quickly though, not least because the time I spent out of work at the end of 2011 was one of the single most depressing times of my life. For all the fun the boys make, I do love work. I love solving puzzles and being part of a team that’s solving problems. Unfortunately, this time, we couldn’t solve the biggest problem that faces any company together in time.

I’m leaving (again, not confirmed, but it’s a million that I can come up with a solution, I think) with no hard feelings and few regrets — I only wish I’d been able to leave on my own terms, which is something that many of you will know that I’d been considering for at least a couple of months.

Is it me….

Or just good old fashioned variance? I seem to have been in this spot quite a bit (lol, sample size!) but it does make you wonder a little whether you’re doing something wrong, or  whether the universe is conspiring against you in some way. The more likely answer to that question is that I’ve so far chosen to work in industries with high risk — gaming and video games aren’t exactly known for being a low variance way to make money — they are industries in which margins are constantly being squeezed and where if you’re not first, you’re last. I really don’t know for sure if this is the reason for it all, but that’s what I’m choosing to believe this time.

One thing is for sure, I’m handling it a lot better this time around. Last time, some things were said that didn’t help anyone, I guess I’m older and wiser now and have a slightly more que sera, sera approach about the whole thing.

We’ll see what happens next, I guess maybe I’ll try and find something a little more low variance.

Geeee elllll me.

Hoping to post something more positive next time,


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