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has pretty much been lacking from my life the last couple of weeks, which kinda sucks and as a result, it’s 6am, I’ve been awake all night and am completely unable to sleep.

In an effort to finding some structure, as well as fixing my sleeping pattern, I decided to take a slightly more aggressive approach to job hunting, and it’s gone decent — I had a couple of phone interviews last week and I should hear sometime this week whether all is well.

In the meantime, I obviously still have a decent amount of free time, so I decided to talk to Ben and James about joining their stable to play cash. The benefits of being a horse, especially where there is a good deal of coaching/support are pretty obvious, especially when you’re currently funemployed.  In any event, I’d (briefly) spoken to James about a coaching (but not necessarily backing) deal in the past but never really had the time to commit to anything.

When James posted that the stable was looking for new horses, it felt like serendipity, no, not a shitty rom-com with $romcom_actor in it, but a happy accident because I have more time on my hands now, and joining the stable gets me the coaching I am looking for, as well as hopefully making us all some money. At the beginning, though, it’s not really about money, it’s about adapting to cash games and learning from the rest of the stable.

I’ve had a couple of sessions with James/Ben so far and unleashed the bowlhuzz force on the Sky regs for the first time today where I won roughly three buyins. To be honest, had I run a little bit better, it’d have been four or maybe four and a half buyins, and had I cut out some of the absolute bullshit, I’d have won even more — there are a couple of hands where the lads will probably just give serious consideration to dropping me there and then, some ambitious peels and bullshit bluffs the main culprits.

Tomorrow I’m going to play another couple of sessions (I’m only 3 and 4 tabling atm…) and then review the biggest pots won and lost today with the lads in Skype.  James and Ben make themselves (and the rest of the horses, who have all obv played these limits recently) very accessible for help and advice, so I’d have a huge meta-leak if I wasn’t making use of that and obviously I live with that Haggis fella who has been known to beat the odd 1p/2p game in his time and who actually explains stuff really clearly (albeit in a weird accent!) so I’ll be nagging him as well, no doubt.

Anyway, day one of the Sky Poker adventure, 3 buyins up. More of that please.

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