In which I get some heat….

This sure is going…

To be thin. Absolutely positively a thin brag. I’m on a pretty decent live poker heater at the moment — not withstanding not ever being able to win a pot from Craig Mac ^^ — but after Craig busted me from the Thursday’s G game, I entered some freeroll at Genting for £23 and have subsequently turned it into almost £1000 by winning that freeroll and then chopping the Genting £55 on Friday for £720 or so.

Life is pretty easy at the minute. It always is when you got some heattttttt.

Other Stuff….

Well, officially made redundant without my boss saying a word to me which I thought was pretty [  ] classy of him, but I expected no more, he’s a bit of a pipe – actually, he’s more than that, he’s a cancer that will kill the company if they don’t get rid of him, at least in the opinion of everyone who has had the displeasure to work with him. The guys that actually own/founded the company are completely stand up and handled the whole situation really well though, so no real hard feelings, times are hard and difficult decisions have to be made.

Next Steps….

There’s a possibility of a return to Gibraltar for me, but I don’t really want to say too much about that yet, not least until I’ve properly spoken to the lads in the house about what that might mean for the ranch. In any event, I’m looking into the prospect of getting some life rakeback in the meantime. That’s not something I’ve ever wanted to do, but now that I have firm commitments to pay rent etc, I think it’s absolutely fine, given I’ve paid my tax into the system, I don’t see a problem with taking some back — the problems with the social security system in the UK are many and varied, but they certainly aren’t caused by me making a small claim in the event that I don’t find a job soon.

‘Til next time,


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