He was capped – I’m not folding my hand

He was polarised – I’m not folding any hand

Selection bias – I want to baffle you with science

Confirmation bias – I’m trying to prove you’re an arrogant prick because that’s what I want the outcome to be

In a vacuum – Fantasy land where any theory can be explained

Sigh, Aces cracked again – I had bottom pair

Hyperbole – Standard Bowlhuzz banter, not to be confused with fast paced local MTTs

Elevenerife – Bowlhuzz holiday destination of choice, he has to do one better than you

Cogito ergo sum – I know Latin and you don’t

Caveat emptor – I know Latin and have a law degree

Availability Heuristic – Mental shortcut that occurs when people make judgements about the probability of Bowlhuzz being a pompous prick

Polyanna Principle – Yes, I agree with everything positive you said about me and I’m gonna ignore the negative stuff

Forer Effect – My horoscope says I’m a super genius.  Must be true.

Google – Unknown term.  All Bowlhuzz knowledge was instilled at birth.

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